Celtic Ozark Fine Spirits


We keep informational articles on the brewing of home beer on our sister site, The Celtic Ozarkian Library. The information provided there will get your started. There is also some very good information located on the website of Ozark’s own, The Home Brewery. Sam Wammack, the founder, is a friend. He created a great little business that excells at taking care of newbie brewers. Go in and ask for Todd. Here are some more links for you: The Brew Zone, Brewery.org, The Beer Smith Homebrewing Blog, and Homebrew Talk. A great encyclopedia style site is BeerMe.com! Here are some good links for where you can buy supplies accross the United States: The Home Brewery, Mountain Home Brew and Wine Supply, MoreBeer Supplies, and Midwest Brewing Supplies. Check out our marketplace page for some good books on the subject of homebrewing.


We also have a great microbrewery in town. The Springfield Brewing Company does some wonderful brews. The are owned by Paul Mueller, a local Ozark company. If you get a chance, try the Mueller Wheat Ale. Aurora, Missouri has a wonderful place to go, called Bootleggers.


The Celtic Ozarks is also proud to have its own fine spirits distillery. The Copper Run Distillery has been in existence for a couple of years now, and has produced some fine vodka, rum, and whiskey. The small batch whiskey makes you feel like you’re back in Ireland, but Jim is not a copy cat.  He has his own twist to the recipe, that also makes it quite “Ozark branded.” We have a coupld of blog articles on Copper Run, which you will want to read.

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