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We have built this page to share with the world some of our favorite places on the web. The world is a magical place, and full of lots of wonderful websites. Many of the websites we at The Celtic Ozarkian share are local Ozark folks. Many are not. At any rate, click away to your heart’s content. Enjoy the links. If you have other suggestions, we would like to hear from you! Send us a message at contactus@celticozarkian.com and let us know.

St. Andrew’s Scottish Society Find out information on this very old Scottish Heritage group.
Celtic Heritage Festival Happens every fall in the Ozarks. A great time to celebrate all things Celtic.
417 Magazine The premier magazine on the Ozarks.
The Province Family Website The website of the Province family. Run by Clay Province.
Marc Gunn Celtic Music Marc is a celtic folk artist from New Orleans, LA. He does the Celtic & Irish Music Podcast I listen to all the time.
Botanical Garden of the Ozarks A lot of great native Irish and Scottish plants to see.
Global Fayre Fair Trade Store Springfield, Missouri A free trade company that carries wonderful Celtic items for sale in Springfield, Missouri.


X Marks the Scott – A forum dedicated to the preservation of wearing kilts.

Scotster – A forum of people who love Scotland. One of my favorite sites.


The Celtic Ozarkian Library on Google.com

This site is devoted to articles on some of our favorite subjects. You will find interesting information in the free articles listed. If you like the work of the author, please feel free to follow the links to their other work. Don’t forget their tip jars! This type of support makes it possible to continue to support the wide variety of information you find on websites, just like ours!

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