The Royal Flag of Scotland

I wanted to share a bit about the Royal Flag of Scotland, and strictly speaking should only be used by the king or queen of the United Kingdom, in their capacity as monarch of Scotland. So you usually only see this flag flying once and a while, when the Queen is in town. However, it is seeing more use over time.

It has now taken it’s place as the second semi-official flag of Scotland. You can find the flag now flying over the Secretary of State’s office also (for Scotland from England.) The flag flies in London and Edinburgh, Scotland. A roudy politician or two has also been known to sport this flag to raise attention to issues.

Lord Lyon, who is kind of the guru of Scottish heraldry, has even made it OK to waive this flag at football matches. However, one must never place it on a flag pole without strict permission. He once, in fact, threatened the city government of Cumbernauld for flying the Royal Flag inappropriately. He touted the Parliamentary Act of 1679, which could have a person, or group, put to death for misue of the Royal Scottish Flag.


Ray Province, the Celtic Ozarkian

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