The Ozarks Celtic Marketplace

It is not always easy to find unique gifts for Christmas anymore. This is even more true if the gifts are expensive. So, we have been working hard over the last month to bring a new line of fine Celtic products and gifts to the Ozarks Celtic Marketplace.

The first line of products are our Irish Glen Shea Butter products for women. They are simply a wonderful bath and shower soap, that carry some unique Celtic scents: clover, heather, and lavender. The products product a thick, creamy lather, and have a pleasant smell that lasts through the lifetime of the soap. The bars are made locally in the Ozarks, in County Greene.

We have also started a new line of spa products, called Winter’s Eve. We have used the theme of Winter Solstice as the basis for the new product line, and then designed scents that draw us deeply into the silence of Winter. There is a aromatic candle, designed to remind us of a Winter’s fire, a bath salt spa mix that is as clean as a winter snow, and finally a glycerin soap with a crisp, clean ice scent. All of these products are designed to promote relaxation, and induce deep breathing, which helps you to relax.

Finally, we have started our Brae Berry Jam line. For some time, we have wanted a way to showcase the fine jam makers of the Ozarks to the world. So, we have went back to traditional berry flavors known in the Celtic world, and designed them in a very natural way. To make the product even better, we have not used any high fructose corn syrup, or any artifical preservatives in our jams. You can enjoy a Brambleberry, Raspberry, Gooseberry, and Strawberry flavor. We have a lemon curd and orange marmelade coming soon.

Stop by and see us today at the Ozarks Celtic Marketplace.

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