The Irish in Hawaii

Ray and Robin Province

Well, we are enjoying a little break this next couple of weeks in Honolulu, Hawaii. So, I thought I would share a little bit on the Friends of St. Patrick, an Irish group in Honolulu, Hawaii. The sons of Erin formed the Society on March 17th, 1955, with THE OFFICE OF THE TREASURER OF THE TERRITORY OF HAWAII. This was before Hawaii was even an official state of the Union. That did not happen until 4 years later.

The defined purpose of the group is to:

To be charitable and benevolent in alignment with the founding organization of 1771 in Philadelphia, five years prior to the Declaration of Independence.

For the past forty seven years the members of the Society have conducted well-attended monthly meetings, and gradually defined a “Social/Educational” context which is implemented and expanded as the years go by. The group pretty much focuses their work now on educational programs about the Irish, a yearly Emerald Ball held in Honolulu, and a St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The Society of the Friends of St. Patrick has met its obligations from day one, and never issued any stock. No part of its income, assets or earnings were ever distributed to its members, directors or officers, except for services actually rendered to the corporation.

Over the years, our Educational fund has grown from $200.00 to $6,000.00 per year.

Our Emerald Ball has become an enjoyable and elegant fun(d) raising evening in the social life of Hawaii which is attended by members and guests.

The Honolulu St. Patrick’s Day Parade has become one of the most notable events of the State of Hawaii and has been funded and organized by the Society from 1956.

Following the parade, the Friends of St. Patrick and their Irish-on-that-day friendly friends have also gathered by the poolside of one of the hotels in Waikiki, to celebrate the occasion and raise funds for our Educational Program.

Mahalo from Oahu, Hawaii.

Raymond Province, the Celtic Ozarkian

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