The Central Missouri Celtic Arts Association

The Central Missouri Celtic Arts Association is a non-profit organization that was created to get people interested in preserving the music, dance, drama, literature, language and other arts and culture of the Celtic nations. It is also meant to foster a growing community interest in Celtic arts and culture, and to raise the awareness of of them in the State of Missouri. The group is centrally located in the State, but has begun to work its way into the Ozarks, as it touches the northern most section of the Ozarks.

Here are some of the thing that the Central Missouri Celtic Arts Association does:

  • organize and present Celtic concerts of regional, national and international artists.
  • Organize year-round classes and workshops for music and dance with local and guest instructors.
  • Run a summer arts program with an artist-in-residence from Ireland to teach language, music and/or dance.
  • Hold participatory gatherings for music and dance (called a ceili) that are open to the public — for people of all ages and ability levels.
  • Organize other activities based on interests of members, such as a song group, Irish language learners, etc.
  • Keep members up to date and aware of activities through e-mail newsletters and our web site.
  • Engage in outreach activities such as bringing visiting musicians into schools for assemblies and demonstrations.
  • Have a growing collection of instruments we loan to beginning musicians until they decide to buy their own.

Most activities happen in or near Columbia, MO, but they draw participants and audiences from Jefferson City, Booneville, Fulton, Kirksville, and Mexico. As the programs grow, they will be holding events in Southwestern Missouri. It is my hope that The Celtic Ozarkian website can help to get this group to come to the Ozarks soon. Let us know how you feel about that.

Ray Province, the Celtic Ozarkian

Clan Mitchell/Stewart

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