Sir William Wallace

One of my favorite Scottish folk heroes is William Wallace. But I sure love the historical figure every bit as much as the movie character from Randall Wallace’s screenplay from Braveheart.

Sir William Wallce was born around 1272 A.D. He died on Aug 23, 1305, at the hands of the executioner. We was a comman landowner, Scottish knight and hero who was know for leading a reistance movement during the wars for Scottish independence. We was a contemporary of Robert the Bruce, and may have been even seen as a rival, depending upon who’s version of history you consider.

To me, though, Wallace will always be a national hero of Scotland and Scottish patriot. Wallace and Andrew Moray lead a successful fight against a would be stronger English force at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. After the battle, he was knighted, and received the title of Guardian of Scotland. He held this title until his army was defeated at the Battle of Falkirk. Wallace was captured in Robroyston (near Glasgow) a few years latter. King Edward I of England had him executed for treason.

A 15th Century mintrel, Blind Harry, wrote a poem about Wallace, that kind of immortalized him. Randall Wallace drew extensively on the poem for the screenplay of the movie Braveheart.


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