Odd Fellows Cafe: A Growing Celtic Presence

The little town of Fair Grove, Missouri is beginning to see a new place for Celtic fun grow. Odd Fellows Care, a growing celtic presence in the Ozarks, is turning Saturday nights into Smithwicks, Irish Folk Music, and blarney of the best kind.

The cafe is owned by John and Amy Holland. John hails from England, but has ties to Scotland in his blood. Plus, it’s great to just go and talk English football with him (he’s a Gunner).  He also makes some great Irish and England food through out the year.

Tonight was all about Boddington’s and butter cake. You can also get a good Guiness though.  The deserts are home made by Amy’s mom and dad, and they also have an ice cream shop in house. Celtic Ozark people, next time you want a nice little get away, try headed to Main Street in Fair Grove, Missouri, and try Odd Fellows Cafe. You can also contact them on Facebook.

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