Finnegan’s Irish Pub

I wanted to start doing a couple of blogs on the Irish pubs of the Ozarks. The tradition of the pub goes way back. It was a place to gather, argue about the latest political situation, catch up with old friends, and even have a little punch up once in a while. That fine tradition has continued in the Irish pubs of the Ozarks. (except the punch up!)

Finnegan’s Irish Pub is located in downtown Springfield Missouri. It is part of the businesses that have helped to provide new life to the old downtown. The Pub is located at 305 South Avenue. And it is a great place to go for hangin’ out Celtic Ozark style.

The Pub features 17 beers on tap, including all the ones you would expect to see in a good Irish Pub in the Ozarks. If you want to try something different, go in and ask for a “half and half.” If you ask for a “black and tan”, you may get some jeers! (That’s what the English call this beer mix.) A half and half will be half Guiness and half Harp’s beer. Both come from the same original brewer in Ireland. Traditionally, the men drank the Guiness, and Harps was created to attract a female buyer, during a time when many of the men were off to war. You had to sell to someone.

The better deal is that the Irish Pub also carried 10 different styles of whiskey. My personal favorite is Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. It is a blended style whiskey, with lots of nose and smooth taste. If you are more the single malt scotch type, they’ll take care of you also. The Glenlivet will be a great drink, that won’t break the pocket book.

One of the unique things about this Irish Pub is that they have one of the only shuffleboard games in town. There is nothing like a good game of shuffleboard over a pint. You can also play darts, which is very tradditional. Look out for lads that carry their own darts.

South Avenue Pizza is available til midnight, and makes a great combination, although pizza is not Irish. That’s the part we will call Ozarkian.

Go down and see the folks at Finnegan’s Irish Pub soon, and leave the Budweiser and Miller behind.


Ray Province

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