Copper Run Small Batch Whiskey

Copper Run Distillery in Branson , Missouri has completed its first round of small batch whiskey. I had a chance to go and visit Jim today. Let me tell you, he has this spot on! The whiskey I sampled was just over a year old, and was a wonderful quality product. It is unique in many ways.

Jim started crafting barrel whiskey a little over a year ago, after initially offering a corn whiskey (AKA moonshine) to the public. The intent was to start developing an oak barrel aged product. As good as his corn whiskey is, this new product has turned out even better. Jim started with 4 barrels of whiskey, and used these four initial barrels to perfect the kind of flavor he wanted in an aged whiskey. At the end of the experiment, he blended all four barrels together, and added an inert spirit alcohol to help smooth the flavor. The result is a 60/40 blended whiskey that went back into oak barrels for a while to age. In the future, the whiskey will not contain any inert spirits, so that the whiskey will have the chance to be aged out into a true burbon.

Many people don’t realize this, but the Ozarks lands the landcape offers a distiller many advantages: 1) the water is very hard here, and is free of iron. The calcium and magnesium in the water is also beneficial. This harder water, minus any iron, is perfect for fermentation of corn, wheat, or malted barley. 2) The white oak trees of the Ozarks make some of the best oak barrels in the world. One of the best barrel plants to be found anywhere is in Lebanon, Illinois.

Jim also has some oak barrels that came from a wine maker, which have also added some unique qualities to his product. And like any good distiller, he continues to improve his product offerings. You can follow this link to Jim’s website, to get directions to his Distillery and Tasting Room. It is just 10 minutes out of Branson, Missouri. Copper Run Distillery.

In addition, the Brown Derby (a local liquor distributor in the Ozarks) is now carrrying Copper Run rum, vodka, and corn whiskey (moonshine). You won’t believe the quality you get for the $24.00 you’ll spend on a bottle. The small batch whiskey is available for $30 from Copper Run, and is an exceptional value. I can see a day coming when Jim’s products will cost three times that much a bottle.

Fellow Celts, you need to pay a visit to Copper Run Distillery, and tell Jim that Ray Province, the Celtic Ozarkian, sent you! Slainte va.

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