Celtic Ozark Music – The Irish Legacy

I was listening to some hillbilly Ozark music today. I am reminded that we Ozarkians owe a debt of thanks to the Ulster Irish who settled the Ozarks in the 19th Century. Thanks to all. Early settlers of the Ozarks quickly picked up on the fiddle music . The jigs so common in hillbilly dance are also connected to the Celts. The Reels also have a link in Irish music. Add the washboard, jawbone harp, and other Ozark instruments, and you have a genuine Irish Ozark music connection. We did not much with the pipes, or penny whistles though. But you can hear old Celtic rythmns in the music. Thanks to the Celtic folk who came with a fiddle in hand, and a dream in their heart. Raymond C. Province, M.A. Celtic Ozark Solutions

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