Celtic Ozark Events 2011

Annual Robert Burns Dinner – January 2011


Pull your kilt out of the closet, and get your gillies on. Grab a fine bottle of Scottish single malt whisky, for it will soon be time to celebrate Robert Burns, the Scottish bard for all the centuries before and to come. Each year Burns lovers from the Ozarks gather for Burns a  suppers to celebrate his birth on January 25 1759.

The tradition of having suppers to honor his birthday has been going on in Scotland for many years. In more recent years, the tradition of a Robert Burns Supper has spread to the U.S., with many Scottish Societies offering Burns Suppers. The local Springfield MO St. Andrew’s Society hosts just such a dinner in January of each year.

It’s a great excuse to read ballads and poetry, listen to the playin’ o’ the bagpipes, eat some magnificent Scottish dishes, wear kilts and drink whisky. We will keep you up to date on the location and date for the Ozarks Celebration.



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