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The rule in our house on Christmas morning is this: the kids can open their stockings whenever they get up, but presents wait until after breakfast. This tradition was handed down to me by my mom. And it makes infinite sense. Let the kids get a bit of the excitement out of their systems, feed them a great breakfast, then let the fun begin. That way there is real food on little tummies that may be too tired and exhausted to eat well the rest of the day. Too many sweet treats and not enough good stuff will make a kid grumpy.


Our breakfast is strictly ruled by tradition at this point. I know what will be served on Christmas morning this year and next year, and the year after that: Scotch Eggs. Yes, I do know that is a pub food in the motherland. But that is why it is a Celtic Ozark Christmas tradition.


My kids love the Scotch eggs for breakfast. It is one of the traditions we do not break involving the holidays. If you have never had Scotch eggs, you really must try them. If you have never had them for breakfast, give it a shot. And if you don’t have a Christmas breakfast tradition, you might want to start one.


The nice thing about Scotch eggs is I can make them ahead of time and have them ready to pop in the oven the next morning. On Christmas Eve day whenever I have a little time I put my eggs on to hard cook. Once they are cooked, I peel them. At this point you can just refrigerate until you have time to wrap in sausage, or complete the whole process now. It is so schedule friendly.


You will need one pound of sausage per 5-6 eggs. I find that the bulk sausage works the best for me, but I have used plenty of “whatever is on sale” sausage too. Sausage that is not just out of the fridge is easier to work with, but if have forgotten it until the last minute and it will work.


Divide your sausage into 5-6 parts and then wrap one part around one egg, until the egg is completely encased in sausage. I usually stop at this point, but traditionally, the sausage eggs are put in an egg wash and then rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs.


Repeat the process until all eggs are covered. I place them in an oven proof casserole dish or two depending upon how many I am baking. Cover the dish pop in the fridge until Christmas morning when the little ones (my are now full grown adults) start peeking in their stockings to see what the Jolly Old Elf has left them.


Uncover the eggs, pop in a 375 degree oven for 30 minutes or so. You want the sausage done, but this recipe is very forgiving. If the stocking take a bit longer than 30 minutes that is okay, they eggs will be fine. These are also great cold later in the day for a snack. I usually make extras for nibble time before bed.


I also toss in a pan of biscuits while the eggs are cooking. They are the perfect along side the eggs. Add a nice big dollop of red jam to the biscuits and you are done. Christmas morning breakfast looks so festive, and the house smells so good. And the best part is, you have been able to relax with your kids over a nice cup of coffee as the breakfast cooks.


Scotch eggs are very easy and can be adapted to your own tastes. You can make your own sausage blend to make them extra special .They can be deep fried, which is traditional, or pan fried in addition to baking them. If you have big, hearty eaters, use 4 eggs per pound of sausage. Be aware, if you use too little sausage, as it cooks and shrinks, the egg will show through. Still eats good, just doesn’t look as pretty.


There you go a Christmas morning tradition from our house to yours. May your season be blessed and magical, may your joys be many and your troubles a faint memory.


Slainte, Ray Province

The Celtic Ozarkian




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