A Celtic Thanksgiving Prayer

We have a lot to be thankful for at the Celtic Ozarkian this year. Our readership has grown bigger than ever, and we have introduced our new Ozarks Celtic Marketplace. We now have the medium to share some of our favorite Celtic things with the world. We are also thankful that we have been able to share the Celtic crafts of the Ozarks also, helping our hurting economy.

So, I wanted to share a Celtic Prayer for all today, on this Thanksgiving Day…

King of all glens and moors, of all clifts and seas. You were God before the beginnings of the Universe. You moved through the heavens before the waters of the seas. You are the alpha and omega, our beginning and end. You created the earth of nothingness, shaped the earth from the breath of your words. You carved the cliffs, and lochs, and valleys. You filled our world with the heathers, and grasses, and sweet smelling flowers. You gave us the trees.

You measured each thing, and declared it all good. You know the height of the tallest mountain, and depth of the deepest sea. You know our exact place in this Universe. Your love surrounds it all.

You created men and women to be the trustees of all your creation. You have asked us to care for it, and love it, just as you love us. Because you are our Creator, you always surround us with our endless love. Help us to be thankful today, and to share the love you give us in your Creatoin with all we see today. Amen.

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