A Case of Irish Ethics

A case of Irish ethics has made it into the papers and television. You have probably seen the video of it. A man in Turkey is dropped two stories off a bridge, while watching a dump truck crash into the bridge.

The videographer was Irish. There is a video on Youtube that argues whether the man should have been warned. That may be so. That, however, is beside the fact.

The real questionn is: what does being Irish have to do with it? An Irishman wouldn’t have stayed on the bridge. Be would have ran the other way.

The Irish would have gotten off the bridge without spilling a drop of whiskey also. The luck of the Irish alone would have kept a true Irishman alive at twice that height. So, we obviously know the poor wee soul was not Irish!

Now before herself scolds me for this blog, I best sat this: do you think this whole thing is blarney? It may be all of that. Intact, it makes about as much sense as questioning the ethic of the videographer because be is Irish. Don’t mess with the Irish.

Raymond C. Province, M.A.
Celtic Ozark Solutions

Raymond C. Province, M.A.
Celtic Ozark Solutions

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