The 5th Annual Branson Titanic Irish Celebration

The 5th Annual Titanic Branson Irish Celebration will be returning to this Branson, Missouri attraction March 1 through March 31, 2011. Each March, the local museum pays tribute to the Irish people who served and travelled on the Titanic. There will be lots of Irish song, Irish music, and Irish folklore shared during the month long celebration. So, don’t forget to wear your green.

Not a lot of people realize that many Celtic people help to build the Titanic in Belfast, Ireland. A great deal of the folks that served aboard were also of Irish descent. In fact, the Irish were the single largest nationality represented among the people who made that now famous voyage to diaster. You can get more information on the month long event by calling the Titianic Museum in Branson at 800-381-7670.

If you would like to do more reading on the subject of the Irish aboard the Titanic, you may want to look up Sesan Malony’s book, called “The Irish Aboard the Titanic.” There are many libraries that still can get the book. It can still be purchased, but the price is high, as most copies are collector’s items now.

Enjoy your time at the Titanic Branson 5th Annual Irish Celebration.

Ray Province

The Celtic Ozarkian

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