The Celtic Ozark Music of the Garbanzos

If you wander down to old Galloway in Springfield, MO, you’ll find a neat little bit of old Springfield that is trying to hang on. One of the best things you can do is wander down to listen to true Celtic Ozark music. The Celtic Ozark music of the Garbanzos fills the air every Monday evening.


The group reminds me a lot of Big Smith, which is a hillbilly band from the Ozarks. Both of these groups, however, carry some lovely Celtic traditions into their music. Of course, hillbilly music all together has deep roots in Celtic tradition.


The Garbanzos take their name from an event that happened to the group back in the 1970’s. They were snowed in the town of Crested Butte, Colorado. The group had garbanzo bean salad for dinner, and well, I will leave the rest to your imagination.


The Garbanzos have a lot of high energy music in their repertoire of music. It gets your toes tapping, and your hands clapping along. You can hear a lot of great old Celtic tradition in the music, as well as elements that make the music truly Ozarkian.


The group meets on Mondays at Galloway Station, 4211 S Lone Pine Ave, Springfield, MO, to specifically play old Irish music. The event starts around 7p.m. They are a wee happy group that welcomes new faces to come and listen, drink a pint, or have a glass of wine. You might want to have dinner also.


So, before St. Patrick’s Day comes a full, plan a trip to Galloway Station to listen to the music of the Garbanzos. It will be a treat, and you’ll hear some of the best of Celtic Ozark music.

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  1. John Ehlers says:

    Actually, the Irish session group that meets on Monday nights at Galloway Station consists of only one member of The Garbonzos. The group is actually various traditional Irish musicians that gather there each Monday to play Irish music. They call themselves Galloway Station

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