A St. Andrew’s Day Celebration Is Coming in November

A St. Andrew’s Day Celebration is Coming in November. My friend John Holland, co-owner of Odd Fellows Cafe in downtown Fair Grove, MO is my new hero. John has agreed to host a St. Andrew’s Celebration in November. If you have never been to Odd Fellows Cafe, you have missed out. The Hollands know how to throw a party.

John is from England, and has relatives from Glasgow, Scotland. So, he knows how to do St. Andrew’s day right. He is doing Haggis, neeps and taddies, toad in the hole, and other wonderful Scottish foods for the party. We are looking for a Celtic group as well.

At this point, he is not sure if he will have the event on November 30th or not. (This is the traditional day!) If he moves it up a bit, I will post again. The event will start at 7p. Yes, a St. Andrew’s Day Celebration is Coming in November to the Ozarks.


Ray Province


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