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Failte go a Ozarks! The Celtic Ozarkian is a website dedicated to being a chronicle of Celtic Ozark life in the Ozarks. We especially keep track of the Irish and Scottish history of the area. From the Ozark Irish Wilderness, to the Celtic Heritage Festival and Highland Games, southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas is full of Celtic pride and heritage. It is a very part of the overall makeup of the people of the Ozarks. Just come hang out with them for a bit and find out. Even the name “hillbilly” is Celtic, as the Billy Brothers brought fame to that name.

It is now wintertime in the Ozarks. We have passed the Winter Solstice, and all the flowers will soon be bloom. It will soon be time for spring in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales as well. The age old tradition of going to smell the mountain thyme is strong is both lands, and it calls to our Celtic Ozark hearts and souls. We are very blessed in Missouri and Arkansas, to have such a beautiful place to call home. If you can’t live in Ireland or Scotland, the Celtic Ozarks is the place to be.

Celtic National history in the Ozarks represents more than just the history of the Irish and Scottish. Immigrants from the Celtic Nations (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Brittany and Galicia) can also be found throughout the settlements of Missouri and Arkansas. So, we intend to harm to our extended Celtic family by the emphasis we place on Irish and Scottish things!

The Ulster-Scots have had a big influence on the folklore, music, and politics of the Ozarks. One only need listen to the folk music of the Ozarks to hear the Irish fiddle, guitar, and harmonica also. Our culture is very Celtic. We will be sharing information on Celtic music from the Ozarks as often as possible.

We have also been working hard to build our Fine Spirits section. We have tracked down the best of the pubs to be found in the Ozarks, and continue to look for more. We are also adding information on home brewing, and our brand new Ozark distillery.

Ray Province chronicles about life in the Celtic Ozarks frequently. He frequently writes about gardening, religion, sports, history, travel, and the events that make life worth living in Missouri. He lives in Fair Grove, Missouri, just outside Springfield, Missouri. Robin Province is a native of the Celtic Ozarks, growing up in Branson, Missouri, in the middle of a wonderful Irish family.

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    Great wee site Ray, lots of destinations to visit, often! Jimmy Reid.

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    love this !!!!! very good info

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    I am interested in receiving Celtic Ozarkian information.

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